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Non Guest of Government (NGOG) Transportations Services

Professional Transportation Solution for Diplomats and Government Officials

Embassies, diplomats, consulates as well and government officials require high-security transportation for the smooth functioning of diplomatic and government affairs. That’s where our transportation services for Non-Guest of Government (NGOG) always ensure the successful execution of diplomatic and government functions by following the requirements and protocols associated with them. We are always committed to providing security, professionalism and following protocols which are of utmost importance for the successful execution of diplomacy and government affairs.

All our chauffeurs are highly trained in following diplomatic protocols and security measures. They understand the unique needs of diplomats and government officials. They also adhered to specific protocols and etiquettes and possess knowledge about the diplomatic ranks and titles. Our safe, secure and efficient transportation solutions for delegations involved in diplomatic and official activities play a vital role in the smooth functioning of diplomatic missions.

Here are some important features of our Transportation Solutions:

Effective transportation services for embassies, diplomats, consulates and government officials are essential for the success of diplomatic missions and government department meetings. We provide commitment to security, professionalism as well adherence to protocols for meeting the transportation needs of embassies and diplomats. Here are some of the key features of our services that distinguish us from others :

1. Safety and Security

Because of the sensitive nature of diplomatic and government work, they always give importance to safety, security and confidentiality. All our drivers are highly trained and all our vehicles are equipped with advanced security measures and provide a protective and safe environment during the travel.

2. Specialised Fleet

Our fleet includes a variety of vehicles, from diplomatic vehicles to specialised vehicles as well as armoured vehicles for added protection. All our vehicles meet the standards of safety, comfort and reliability. You can choose from a variety of vehicles depending on the nature of the trip and security requirements.

3. Airport Transfers

Diplomats and government officials frequently travel internationally and require efficient airport transportation. Our transportation services provide seamless transition between airports and diplomatic venues, government offices.

4. Effective Scheduling

We always create schedules and coordinate travel arrangements to ensure that diplomats and government representatives arrive at their destinations on time. All our services are personalised to meet the unique needs and preferences of each diplomatic mission.